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Second Maturity Test: Mathematics? Here’s what to do

June 21 is the big day. You have known the date of the second maturity test, mathematics, for some time. Now all that remains is to give the maximum and put together everything you need to effectively pass this test.

How to organize the last days before the second maturity test

Ok, it’s mathematical output, it’s useless to keep saying that you would have preferred physics. Don’t complain, now that the time has come to prepare for maturity, mathematics is your enemy. Face it. There is no other way.

To prepare for the second maturity test, a year was needed, indeed a whole course of studies. Now you will have to put the five-year pieces of your student life back together. You will need to organize the program to have clear priorities.

This is the moment when you can’t afford to have doubts about the essential aspects:

  • Equations and inequalities
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytic geometry
  • Derivatives
  • integrals

Structure each topic so you always have the formulas at hand. But don’t underestimate the importance of demonstrations. Hoping to memorize such a large program without having understood it thoroughly is insane. If you succeed, know that you are wasting a million dollar talent. But it is already exploited by supercomputers, so competition is difficult.

Understanding is remembering, the philosophy professor also told you. And he wasn’t wrong.

Use an effective method to revise

Even though the year has been hard and you now feel the need to relax, don’t give up. Keep holding the blow and don’t cheat. Wake up early and make your hours of just sleep. Meanwhile organize the days that separate you from the exam for:

Stagger the program to review it all

Cut out time, a lot of time, to do the exercises

Do the exercises. Yet

Think of these days as athletic training. Focus only on what you have to do and don’t waste time thinking it’s impossible. If you are admitted, it is because you can face the 2018 maturity.

Ask for help, you will need it

When it comes to preparing for maturity, mathematics is one of the subjects that more than others needs support. Unless you have spent the year collecting astronomical votes or rounding up with the kids in the other courses with repetitions, the most natural thing will be to ask for help.

You can turn to some of your classmates or your teachers, but an external teacher might be able to explain something to you from another point of view, to finally understand it fully. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions and ask for clarification before choosing your teacher. You are the employer, in your hands there is the entire recruiting process. Do it with full knowledge of the facts.

If you think you need help, ask for it without obligation, book free trial lessons with our teachers, you can meet them in person or online.

What tools do you have available?

No miracles will happen in so few days, but you have some tools that will help you get to the goal with the security of your true potential.

For the second maturity test, mathematics for the scientific and other disciplines in the various institutes, the Ministry of Education provides some advice and some concessions. The tests of the past years are available online, look for the ones you need in the list here and give it a try. Cut out 6 hours to pretend you are doing the exam, you will find that they are not at all few and can fly in an instant.

You already know that you will have to bring the calculator, but only those in which it is not possible to memorize the formulas. You find the ones granted in this document.

Take a deep breath and concentrate, it just depends on you

Use this opportunity to organize your study effectively and positively. It will be a great test to structure the notions you have learned over the years. It is possible to master a vast and articulated subject, remember. That’s exactly what you’ll do when it’s time to take your university exams.

Once again, do not underestimate the importance of asking for help, who will support you to hold the pieces together and have an overall view can do so also in the course of your future studies. It could be the best opportunity to find those who will happily accompany you on your studies until graduation.

Search our database for the teachers closest to you. Even those who have just passed the exams brilliantly could be the one for you, cost less than a lecturer’s class and allow you to pass the second maturity test with a nice 15/15.

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