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How to heal the school debt without spending the whole summer

Yes sure. It is possible that the teacher does not nourish you against you. Yes, it is possible that because of the emotion you did not know how to give your best during the first four months and that in the second, they did not give you the opportunity to assert yourself. Certainly it is a conspiracy against you. But your school debt has discussed an entire class council in the ballot and if all the professors have agreed that your knowledge of chemistry, physics or Greek does not allow you to face the studies that you reserve for yourself next year, then it is your duty to repair.

And it also went well. If the deficiencies to be recovered are more than three or if you do not pass the exam in September, you know what awaits you. They won’t cut your head off, but you’ll have to go back to the starting point and start the new year with new companions, new professors. And away, new ride, new race.

All that remains is to roll up our sleeves, study the tactics, refine the strategy and prepare to launch the attack. Even if I wanted to report that the professor really has it to you, you can do so only if you demonstrate crystal clear knowledge of the subject in question. So study.

What is a school debt

Whether it is math to science or Latin to classic, and we are not talking about economics, law or valuation: the basic materials of your address must be thoroughly known. They will serve you with the continuation of the studies, to understand what will then be deepened. If you have any gaps, if some passages are not clear you may not be able to understand the connections that lead to more specific knowledge in later years.

Take it a bit like a gesture of affection, as they say: whoever loves you makes you suffer. And if you want to successfully overcome this obstacle you have no other way than to prove that you have acquired a good domain of the subject that has given you problems during the year.

Loneliness does not accompany you. You are surrounded by a good number of those condemned to study during the summer holidays. The statistics of the Ministry of Education speak of a good 42% of students who must recover a school debt, or more than one.

The ministerial provision provides that the institution itself must organize the remedial courses for the students. But the funds are not always sufficiently allocated to guarantee the same services for everyone, so think about those who are also forced to work the weekend to pay for private lessons.

Find the most effective study method

All you have to do is see the positive side of the matter. If you succeed, at the end of the summer, you will have conquered superpowers that not even Harry Potter. Or more simply, you’ll be doing what you’ll have to do, after your high school graduation, every summer until graduation. Or for maturity if you are not interested in continuing with the university.

Find a method, your method, to recover your educational debt.

Don’t waste time with fatalistic thoughts

No, it’s not true that you can’t do it. Generations of students before you (including your parents) have made it.

No, it’s not the end of the world. Indeed, it is an opportunity to show you (to you and no one but you) how much you are worth.

No, it is not true that that matter is useless. If there is, it means that it must be there, it was included in the package with the enrollment in high school. If you do not agree, you have only one way: become Minister of Education and change the program. And, to succeed, he studies.

Try to be realistic

Organize your days based on what you can actually do and the results you can achieve. What do you absolutely not want to give up? Sea? See friends? Well, you have 24 hours each day to sleep, eat, pee, poop, and spend 6 or 8 hours studying. Everyday.

Engage moments of relaxation so you can spend 3 or 4 hours at leisure. And on Sunday rested. Here is the quintessence of luxury.

Also the place where studies and climatic conditions must be taken into account. Don’t think you will be able to study at midday if you have 35 ° C at home and the cicadas are also queuing with the mass exodus, better to go to the beach or to the pool.

Don’t be horrified: consider the idea of ​​waking up early, very early, to dedicate yourself to studying. And consider that there are places along the boot where at 6 am there is already scorching heat.

Organizes work into blocks and determines times and methods to deal with them

Every business is done one step at a time. It’s not a very Tumblr thing. It’s the truth. Devote at least one day to plan and divide the study program. You will discover that you have never heard of so many things, while (oh wonder!) Others play notes to you and perhaps you also remember them.

With a lot of realism and intellectual honesty it determines how much time you need to take up each topic again, review it as it was the first time, understand it and memorize it. And don’t underestimate the importance of retracing your steps, to what you’ve already read, reviewed, repeated … It will take time to let what you have learned settle and recall it during the exam.

Sing. It is neither a joke nor an innovation in the pedagogical field. Creating mental connections between one topic and another is the key to keeping a subject together. The whole oral tradition is based on memorization mechanisms: the epithets of the Homeric characters, the kissed and alternating rhymes, the chained triplets of the Divine Comedy as well as the stanzas of the pieces on beatbox bases that are always the same, ops … that split. These are the techniques used by storytellers to remember the story to tell, without skipping any steps and adding more pieces. Find the mental connections that allow you to keep the threads of the speech, even when you have to go into detail.

Ask for help! You can not do this? Can’t understand? It is possible that something is not clear to you because it is not even clear to those who explained it to you. Yes, even professors may have gaps or parts of the program that they don’t like and may not teach them at their best. But it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone. Seen from another perspective, that of another teacher or a university student who speaks a language more similar to yours, you could find the pieces that allow you to make things clear to recover your educational debt.

Learn to go from the general to the particular and vice versa

To recover your school debt you will need to be able to master the subject. It is true that not everyone is the same and that everyone is more or less struggling to learn and remember. But some mental images could help to understand what are the causes that led to your failure and your school debt.

Thinking about your subject as a city seen from above allows you to have an overall idea of ​​its size, structure and composition of neighborhoods. You will then be able to go deep into the details in which each topic is divided, as in the maze of narrow streets of the historic center. It will not be necessary to memorize the names of the intercoms of each house, but you will need to know how to return from the particular to the general by placing each topic in the macro category to which it belongs.

Believe it, you have no other choice. You too will be able to recover your school debt.

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